Alexandra Witter

The Thai Christian Foundation(TCF)  Honors the life Alexander Witter.

She lost her life in on this earth in a tragic accident in Bali in October 2013. We pray for comport and peace for her family and friends who love her so much. TCF had a significant impact on her life after her visit and travels to Thailand; she loved dance and was fascinated by the ministry of CCI, and she found the Thai people to be very gracious, caring, and respectful. She had a special heart for the displaced people in Burma.

Thai Tour Travels:

  • Alexandra Witter and her cousin Blake Skiles came with her aunt, Emily Skiles to Thailand in 2007.
  • Ed and Sally Witter, Alexandra’s parents travelled with the Thai Tour in 2010.
  • Ray and Jerelyn Witter, Alexandra’s Grandparents, were the first in the Witter family to visit Thailand and travelled on one of the very first Thai Tours arranged by Allan and Joan Eubank and CCI.