Bueng Klueng Ministries on the border of Thailand and Burma (Myanmar)

The Bueng Klueng hostel was established in 1996, by Rev. Allan Eubank and Pastor Wright Dee  to support the ministry of Pastor Samuel Wichitphonpaiboon with the vision of providing a loving Christian environment, elementary and early secondary education , encouragement, and cultural appreciation for young people from the village of Laytonkhu.

However, the hostel soon became a place of refuge for children whose families where displaced by the conflict in Burma; Their families where either in refugee camps that emerged in 1997 close to Bueng Klueng or internally displaced inside Burma. David Eubank and others responded with the formation of relief efforts to this area and the hostel grew from support for just few children to support for over 50 today.

Pastor Samuel helped the Bueng Klueng church emerged in 2001 and the outreach from this church on the border is tremendous.

Support for Bueng Klueng ministries comes through  local community efforts, The Thai Christian Foundation(TCF), Jericho Alliance, Free Burma Rangers, Snowqualmie Valley Alliance Church, Swedish Baptist missions, and Burma Vision Alaska.

We want to thank Climbers with a Purpose for their incredible support and efforts in 2014 to raise awareness and support for the kids at the hostel. http://climberswithapurpose.wordpress.com/

“Climbers With a Purpose is back with an entirely new set of goals. We will we once again offer a summit opportunity for Mt. Rainier and we’ve added Mt. Adams, Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak and Mt. St. Helens so that we can accommodate up to 60 climbers.

Our purpose beyond climbing will be to support the Bueng Klueng Childrens Hostel on the Thai- Burma border. Through sponsorship we will be able to help refugee children from Burma and children from remote villages in Thailand obtain food, shelter, education, and a safe place to grow up.

We are not only led to climb, but led to lead!”