Chaam Christian Mission Cottages Restoration Project

We are providing a way to support a joint project of restoration, continued stewardship and caretaking of this valuable, historic, spiritually and physically-uplifting landmark. The objective of this joint project is to return the Cabins (Cottages), and other structures on the property, to functional service for the purpose of providing a healthy, healing and beautifully refreshing environment for future generations.

Excerpt from Rev. Richard Worley, one of the founding missionaries: “The Cha-am Vacation Site, as it was originally called, was first conceived to be a vacation place for missionaries. With the agreement, the original owners were the American Baptist Mission (75%) and the Disciples Mission (25%). Since the original purchase, the Disciples have turned over their interest directly to the Church of Christ in Thailand, and the American Baptist interest has been assumed by the Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship (TBMF). Although the Christian Mission Cottages property legally belongs to the Christian Service Foundation (CSFBaptist), the appointment of the Christian Mission Cottages Committee that administers the cottages is the responsibility of the Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship (TBMF), with the CCT naming their member to that committee.”

In 2019, we helped repair the ceilings and roof for all the cabins and facilities and raised support to rewire and install new fans in six cabins, the dining hall, and the church.

We are also supporting volunteers who help the caretaker clean the grounds and repair the cabins as time and funds allow.

In 2020 we look forward to helping the TBMF and CSF Baptist continue to restore and reopen this wonderful and historical site.

Children’s Book Program

On December 9, 2019, TCF’s partner Pan Rak Foundation launched a children’s book, BORN FREE and EQUAL in support of the December 10th anniversary of the adoption of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. Illustrated by Maung Maung Tinn and translated into five languages, this powerful book has been donated to schools through organizations along the Thai-Burma (Myanmar) border and inside Burma (Myanmar) and aims to share the main messages of this important document with the children of our world.

These books are available to TCF donors in support of this Children’s Book Program and Maung Maung Tinn as he and representatives of Pan Rak share this monumental book, the artwork, and the story with students at each school. Books are available through a donation of $15 dollars for each book while supplies last. We hope to raise support for the reprint of this book and the work of Maung Maung Tinn.

Laytongku Community Health Center

The Laytongku Community Health Center (LTK CHC) is the fruit of a long-running Christian ministry to the Talakone people. Laytongku village, on the border of Thailand and Burma, is located in a culturally unique community and serves a variety of patients from both sides of the border. There are ten health workers and two administrators at LTK Community Health Center.

The Health Center ministry began in 2006, and is an important step in the history of mission in the area. Since 1962, when Rev. Allan Eubank first brought the gospel to their area, the good news has been slowly taking root in the hearts of the Talakone Karen people. The Community Health Center was established in 2009 as a mercy and health outreach ministry from Bueng Klung Church.

Between 1000- 3,000 people each year come to Laytongku Community Health Center as their primary source of health care, and another 1,000 for consultation. Since 2009, Partners Relief and Development has joined this local community initiative to assist in administration, reporting, training, and medical oversight of the Community Health Center. The Bueng Klueng Church and Laytongku Church committee takes care of the Community Health Center expense account and mission direction. The center has a strong partnership with Thai public Health Department and is integrated into the referral process with the regional hospital in Umphang.

Zera Ministry

Pat and Tip Boonrang are Thai mission leaders that we have been supporting since 2010. They have a thriving medical mission, a weekly music ministry at Cheshire Home, and many community and church development projects. Pat and Tip are actively involved as members of Thammanikom Church and support their local neighbors though the Neighborhood Hub Project every Friday night. As a part of their medical ministry outreach in 2019, they helped 1,005 eye patients and 1,000 dental patients in Laos including an additional 181 government officials. They also helped coordinate and translate medical missions to refugee camps and villages in Burma (Myanmar).

They run the organisation Zera Ministry, which is about community, about life, and about transformative development. Their mission is to sow the seed of the Gospel holistically in individuals and communities to bring forth new life. This is their mission statement:

  1. We seek to creatively meet the spiritual, social, physical, and emotional needs of those who are disadvantaged.
  2. We strive to bring about development in marginalized border communities in the areas of public health, agriculture, education, and micro-enterprise promotion.
  3. We seek opportunities to establish and build relationships, elevate the reputation of local believers, and provide resources for communities to improve their quality of life in a sustainable manner.
  4. We hold crucial to the mission our partnership with the local church and strive to facilitate the vision of the church and equip its leaders to be sent out.
  5. We desire to partner with other organizations, government entities, and groups that share our heart and vision.

If you wish to learn more find them on Facebook or contact them at [email protected].

Khao Lak Ministries

In the small city of Khao Lak, located just an hour’s drive north of Phuket Island on the gorgeous Andaman seaboard, a passionate missionary couple are teaching children and young people how to surf. Through this, they are able to reach local children that might otherwise get into trouble, build relationships with them and show them both a healthy and Christ-filled community.

The Thai Christian Foundation helps support this missionary couple, their family, and their ministry.