Special Projects

TCF supports connecting women in prison in Washington State to our work in Thailand through the Sisters of Charity and the Onsies project. The Sisters of Charity at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor, Washington has partnered with TCF to provide quilts, hats, dolls, and baby onesies for distribution to the Mother Baby programs inside Thai prisons and the children at the House of Blessing whose parents are in prison. Since 2015 the Sisters of Charity have also supported prosthesis patients, refugees, and medical outreach teams from the Laytongku Community Health Center.
Joan Eubank has helped two women throughout their time in prison, and we are happy to announce that both of these women are now out of prison. We continue to support one of the women through a small grant.

In Coordination with the Pan Rak Foundation in Thailand and the House of Blessing Foundation in Thailand we are helping facilitate an exchange program to build a bridge of understanding and learning for Corrections Officers from Thailand and Washington State.