Prison Ministry TCF supports prison ministry and helps to share God’s love with prisoners and former prisoners through restorative practices. We do that through the House of Blessing Foundation in Bangkok. The Thai Christian Foundation (TCF) is a main channel for people to financially support the House of Blessing Foundation in Thailand. We support the House of Blessing by joining in Pastor Soonthorn’s outreach into prisons, restorative practices, and support for at risk youth and adults.We are facilitating an exchange program to build a bridge of support and commitment for restorative practices and prison ministry in and between Thailand and Washington State. TCF is also joining the Christian Communications Institute’s (CCI) outreach efforts into a youth prison in Chiang Mai and an adult prison in Bangkok. The Sisters of Charity at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor, Washington has partnered with TCF to provide quilts, hats, dolls, and baby onesies for distribution to the Mother Baby programs inside Thai prisons and the children at the House of Blessing whose parents are in prison. Since 2015 the Sisters of Charity have also supported prosthesis patients, refugees, and medical outreach teams from the Laytongku Community Health Center.