Sam Yek, Lao Song and Nakhon Pathom Ministries

Allan and Joan Eubank moved to Sam Yek in July 1963 to work with the Lao Song village of Lamkajao and the Sahabamrung Wittaya School at Sam Yek. Many dynamic ministry efforts began here including the construction and dedication of the Sam Yek Church with support from the Porter family in Texas, a music ministry and the LaoSong handicraft project. Allan and Joan served in this area for eight years beforing moving to Chiang Mai.

Thai Christian Foundation (TCF) continues to support outreach in this area. Three churches have grown up in that area and TCF supports three young people who have become ministers. Allan & Joan still go back and share in ministry there and TCF continues to support Sam Yek Church, Ban Kha Chapel, two Plang Churches in the area and Lao Song evangelism through Pastor Mac in Lamkajao Church, Nakhon Pathom, and Pastor Song in Dan Chang, Suphanburi.