Thammanikom Church

This local church is near the home of Allan and Joan Eubank. When they first moved to this area there were 10 in regular attendance. The church now has 180 members and has become multi-ethnic with Thai, Chinese, Pa-Oh, Shan, Lahu, Lawa-Wa, Akha and American members.

In 2019 we arranged and helped lead a children’s summer camp for 45 children from Thammanikom, Lawa-Wa and Lahu churches. As a part of our support for the church mission, we also sent 10 of our Pa-Oh, Lawa-Wa and Thai young people to a nine-day camp led by Youth for Christ and the Prosperous Youth Foundation, held an English Camp for 50-60 children and helped arrange for the Pa-Oh monthly discipleship training for about 20-30 people.