Allan and Joan, founders of TCF, served as missionaries with the Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Thailand for 39 years. Although retired from the mission board, they continue to serve the Church in Thailand as volunteers. They have been serving over 58 years in Thailand.

Joan grew up in Houston, Texas and Allan in Hillsboro, Texas. After graduation from Texas A&M in Geological Engineering, Allan served in the Korean War as a Captain in the Army Corps of Engineers. He first met Joan when she sang in a USO Troupe for the Company he commanded. After the war, Allan worked as a Geologist in Dallas, Texas and Iraan, Texas.

Joan continued her career, singing and acting in Hollywood, London, and Broadway where she received the Theatre World Award as one of the Ten Most Promising Personalities of the 1957-58 Broadway Season. Six years after the war, Joan and Allan met again after Allan felt called to leave the oil business to study for the mission field at Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University. Later, Allan also earned a Master of Sacred Theology from Yale University and Joan a Master of Theological Studies from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University (SMU).

They went to Thailand in 1961. After language study, they spent eight years in Church planting and rural development among the Thai and Lao Song people in Nakorn Pathom Province in Central Thailand. In a time of drought, Joan started a handicraft industry among the Lao Song. Allan made evangelistic expeditions by elephant to the Talako Sect of the Karen Tribe located on the Thai-Burma border.

They have served 37 years at what is now Payap University in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Allan taught New Testament and Evangelism for 11 years. Two of these years, he served as Head of the Philosophy-Religion Department and the Graduate Department of Theology. Joan taught voice in the Music Department of the University, led the Seminary Choir, and gave many charity concerts, including performances for the Thai Royal Family.

In 1981, Allan founded the Christian Communications Institute (CCI) and served as Director for 14 years. Joan wrote dramas and songs as well as training singers, actors, and directors. The CCI intends to use every art form possible, both modern and traditional, to communicate the gospel in ways easily understood by the Thai people and to provide models for positive social and family life. The CCI is continuing to lead about 2500 students to Christ each year as well as performing evangelistic folk dramas in about 25 villages every year. The Eubanks continue to help find financial support for CCI’s work.

Allan and Joan continue to serve in the Thai Village Church where they live near Chiang Mai and to do evangelism among the Karen, Thai, Wa, Pa-Oh, and Lao Song peoples. They are also still active in all Thai Christian Foundation mission projects.