Bueng Klueng Ministries

Just on the Thai side of the border of Burma (Myanmar) lies the small town of Bueng Klueng. Thai Christian Foundation (TCF) supported the creation of a children’s hostel here in 1996, which laid the foundation for the dedication of the Bueng Klueng Church in 2001. This dynamic church helps coordinate and manage the Pan Rak Foundation outreach and support of local education and healthcare projects.

Originally created to provide a loving Christian environment, elementary and early secondary education, encouragement, and cultural appreciation for young people from the village of Laytongku, the hostel soon became a place of refuge for children whose families were displaced by the conflict in Burma (Myanmar); Their families where either in refugee camps that emerged in 1997 close to Bueng Klueng or internally displaced inside Burma. The hostel grew from support for just a few children to support for over 50 children today.

Through Bueng Klueng Church, we provide support for the local churches which includes pastoral care and outreach to 15 churches in the Umphang, Bueng Klueng, Saw Mae and Laytongku and several villages across the border inside Burma (Myanmar).
The Church also helps coordinate support sent through TCF for students at the hostel who need to continue and complete their high school and/or university education. Pan Rak helps work with and support local leaders, to create a good and nurturing environment for the kids there.

Benchawan Thanyarach was a student at Bueng Klueng Hostel, and has been supported through the TCF Education Assistance and Initiatives. She is our current Pan Rak Foundation Managing Director. Many of the students who lived at the Bueng Klueng hostel have now completed their studies and have become leaders in their communities and their work.