Chaam Christian Mission Cottages Restoration Project

We are providing a way to support a joint project of restoration, continued stewardship and caretaking of this valuable, historic, spiritually and physically-uplifting landmark. The objective of this joint project is to return the Cabins (Cottages), and other structures on the property, to functional service for the purpose of providing a healthy, healing and beautifully refreshing environment for future generations.

Excerpt from Rev. Richard Worley, one of the founding missionaries: “The Cha-am Vacation Site, as it was originally called, was first conceived to be a vacation place for missionaries. With the agreement, the original owners were the American Baptist Mission (75%) and the Disciples Mission (25%). Since the original purchase, the Disciples have turned over their interest directly to the Church of Christ in Thailand, and the American Baptist interest has been assumed by the Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship (TBMF). Although the Christian Mission Cottages property legally belongs to the Christian Service Foundation (CSFBaptist), the appointment of the Christian Mission Cottages Committee that administers the cottages is the responsibility of the Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship (TBMF), with the CCT naming their member to that committee.”

In 2019, we helped repair the ceilings and roof for all the cabins and facilities and raised support to rewire and install new fans in six cabins, the dining hall, and the church.

We are also supporting volunteers who help the caretaker clean the grounds and repair the cabins as time and funds allow.

In 2020 we look forward to helping the TBMF and CSF Baptist continue to restore and reopen this wonderful and historical site.