Dave and MiNt Ministries

Mint and Dave are members of the Chapel Hill Church of Gig Harbor, Washington. Part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). Dave’s Grandparents, Allan and Joan Eubank, and Uncle, Dave Eubank, are long-time missionaries in Thailand and Burma. He grew up in a navy family and traveled around the US and worked with family in Thailand. While he was studying abroad at Payap University he submitted his life to Christ and started working as a volunteer with Free Burma Rangers. While serving in Iraq and Syria he was called to be an evangelist and went to Seminary at Tyndale Theological Seminary in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2020, He finished his studies and married Mint who had been waiting for him since they became boyfriend and girlfriend in 2014. He has been serving with his 94-year-old Grandfather, Allan Eubank, and his mother, Laurie Dawson since then.

Mint was born and raised in Mae Ai before moving to Chiang Mai where her parents were house parents for the Lawa Hostel there. https://thaichristianfoundation.org/project/lawa-wa-ministries/  Her father is Lahu and her Mother is Wa both are minority groups from Myanmar/Burma. She gained a B.A Horticulture and a B.S. in Public Health at Mae Jo University and Mae Fa Luang University, respectively. She felt called to missions when Dave’s Grandfather Allan Eubank invited her to join the drama trip with the Christian Communication Institute. Dave and Mint met a year prior in 2013 at a prostheses aid project in Chiang Rai. Now the Dawsons have two sons, Taiga who is 2 years old, and Murray who is 7 months. The whole family are Thai Citizens, including Dave thanks to his Mother.

“Our vision is to see lives be made new through the reconciling work of Jesus Christ among the unreached and oppressed people groups of Burma and Thailand. We want to invest in family values and faith-sharing as a daily practice for everyone who as heard of God’s Love. Our first calling is to the Wa people but we also feel called to work with other ethnic groups along the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border like the Karen Talako, Pa-Oh, Shan, and Lahu. We are both Thai citizens and are currently studying Wa. While I work with, Pan Rak in association with Thai Christian Foundation, the Church of Christ, and several other partners in Thailand to train and practice community and family programming to strengthen and expand the church in Thailand and Burma. There are Wa churches in Thailand,  77 new communities that have grown up on the  Burma side of the Thai border in the past 25 years, and many more unreached Wa on both sides of the Myanmar- China border. A big part of our work will be to encourage, support, and work with the local church pastors, leaders, and evangelists.”

All funds given to Dave and Mint Ministries go directly to support evangelistic projects within Pan Rak with a special focus on the Lawa-Wa people group.

To contact them directly :


or Dawsondavemint@gmail.com

Through a cooperative assignment through the sending agencies: EPC- World Outreach and Pioneers, Mint and Dave are based in Chiang Rai close to the border area to work closer with the Wa community of believers, they have started a training center for, Bible, Evangelism, and work-study. 

The Dawsons seek co-laborers who want to walk alongside them in prayer, support their presence and ministry through funding, send evangelism or work teams, receive/host local partners to learn new skills, and encourage the global church.