Laytongku Community Health Center

The Laytongku Community Health Center (LTK CHC) is the fruit of a long-running Christian ministry to the Talakone people. Laytongku village, on the border of Thailand and Burma, is located in a culturally unique community and serves a variety of patients from both sides of the border. There are ten health workers and two administrators at LTK Community Health Center.

The Health Center ministry began in 2006, and is an important step in the history of mission in the area. Since 1962, when Rev. Allan Eubank first brought the gospel to their area, the good news has been slowly taking root in the hearts of the Talakone Karen people. The Community Health Center was established in 2009 as a mercy and health outreach ministry from Bueng Klung Church.

Between 1000- 3,000 people each year come to Laytongku Community Health Center as their primary source of health care, and another 1,000 for consultation. Since 2009, Partners Relief and Development has joined this local community initiative to assist in administration, reporting, training, and medical oversight of the Community Health Center. The Bueng Klueng Church and Laytongku Church committee takes care of the Community Health Center expense account and mission direction. The center has a strong partnership with Thai public Health Department and is integrated into the referral process with the regional hospital in Umphang.