Zera Ministry

Pat and Tip Boonrang are Thai mission leaders that we have been supporting since 2010. They have a thriving medical mission, a weekly music ministry at Cheshire Home, and many community and church development projects. Pat and Tip are actively involved as members of Thammanikom Church and support their local neighbors though the Neighborhood Hub Project every Friday night. As a part of their medical ministry outreach in 2019, they helped 1,005 eye patients and 1,000 dental patients in Laos including an additional 181 government officials. They also helped coordinate and translate medical missions to refugee camps and villages in Burma (Myanmar).

They run the organisation Zera Ministry, which is about community, about life, and about transformative development. Their mission is to sow the seed of the Gospel holistically in individuals and communities to bring forth new life. This is their mission statement:

  1. We seek to creatively meet the spiritual, social, physical, and emotional needs of those who are disadvantaged.
  2. We strive to bring about development in marginalized border communities in the areas of public health, agriculture, education, and micro-enterprise promotion.
  3. We seek opportunities to establish and build relationships, elevate the reputation of local believers, and provide resources for communities to improve their quality of life in a sustainable manner.
  4. We hold crucial to the mission our partnership with the local church and strive to facilitate the vision of the church and equip its leaders to be sent out.
  5. We desire to partner with other organizations, government entities, and groups that share our heart and vision.

If you wish to learn more find them on Facebook or contact them at zeraministry@gmail.com.