Thai Christian Foundation (TCF) works to partner, support, and encourage dynamic organizations while being available to inspire, develop, and launch new creative avenues to share God's love in tangible ways.

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Thai Christian Foundation works in many different areas in a wide variety of ministries.
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PanRak Foundation

  • Thai Christian Foundation is partnering with the PanRak Foundation, which is registered in Thailand.
  • The vision of PanRak is 'To share God's love in tangible ways that bless people.'
  • The PanRak Mission statement is 'To bring help, hope and love through the support of education, health, relief, leadership and spiritual development, and culture.'
  • PanRak Foundation was officially registered with the Thai government on May 30, 2013.

Bueng Klueng Ministries

Just on the Thai side of the border to Myanmar lies the The Bueng Klueng Hostel. Originally created to provide a loving Christian environment, elementary and early secondary education , encouragement, and cultural appreciation for young people from the village … Learn More

Cheshire Foundation: Home for the disabled

About 3 miles outside the busy city center of Chiang Mai lies the Thongyoo Cheshire Home. The home hopes to provide peaceful residence to the disabled of all races and religions. But it is so much more; the goal of the Cheshire … Learn More

Christian Communications Institute

Christian Communications Institute (CCI) was founded by Allan and Joan Eubank with the support of the Thai Christian Foundation in 1980 to communicate the gospel through Thai Culture and are today a part of Payap University. CCI intends to uses … Learn More

Cleft Lip and Palate Project

Imagine if your child had a cleft palate but you had no money for surgery? The project originally began for Thai hill tribe children by the YMCA. Today, there are very few lip and palate deformities in Thailand, perhaps due … Learn More

Educational Assistance and Initiatives

As students accomplish the grades available to them in the more rural and remote areas of Thailand and along the Thai-Burma (Myanmar) border, TCF/Pan Rak desires to partner with these students in their journey to learn and grow. By helping … Learn More

Khao Lak Ministries

In the small city of Khao Lak, located just an hour’s drive north of Phuket Island on the gorgeous Andaman seaboard, a passionate missionary couple are teaching children and young people how to surf. Through this, they are able to … Learn More

Lao Song: Evangelism and Handicrafts

The Lao Song are an ethnic sub-group of the larger Tai language peoples. They are called the Black Tai in Northern Laos and Western Vietnam. Population of Lao Song people in Thailand is around 300,000.

Lawa-Wa Ministries

We work with the Wa people of Northeastern Burma and their cousins, the Lawa of Thailand. Current projects include the Lawa Student Hostel, Evangelism/Outreaches and other care in Southern and Northern Wa Areas of Burma, Medical care for patients with serious … Learn More

Prison Ministry

TCF supports prison ministry and helps to share God’s love with  prisoners and former prisoners through restorative practices. The Thai Christian Foundation (TCF)  is emerging as one of the pathways of support for the Christian Prison Ministry Foundation in Thailand. In Thailand, TCF supports the CPMF … Learn More

Run for Relief

For over 40 years, many ethnic peoples in Burma have been under conditions of oppression and civil war. Run for Relief began in 2004 as an effort to raise awareness about the situation and to raise funds for humanitarian relief efforts … Learn More

Sam Yaek / Nakhon Pathom

Allan and Joan Eubank  went  to Thailand in 1961. After language study, they spent eight years in church planting and rural development among the Thai and Lao Song people in Nakhon Pathom province and in the village of Sam Yaek … Learn More

Talako Ministries Laytongku Church and Health Center

Allan Eubank has been ministering to the Talako people since 1962 and TCF continues to support strong relationships and Christian missions led by the Laytongku Church and Christian leaders.   The Laytongku Health Center is a Christian mission clinic that provides … Learn More

Thammanikom Church

Thammanikom Church (Community of the Word) provides a community for multi-ethnic membership, and has a strong outreach to its neighbors.

Zera Ministry

Thai Christian have been supporting the Boonrang family since 2010. They run the organisation Zera Ministry, which is about community, about life, and about transformative development. Their mission is to sow the seed of the Gospel holistically in individuals and communities … Learn More