Thank you for taking care of all of us

April 3, 2024
“Thank you for taking care of all of us”


The Lawa (Wa) Student Hostel, in Chiang Mai, Thailand was founded in 1993 to:


  • Provide support for students who otherwise would have very little access to education.
  •     Help ensure that traditions, culture and language of Lawa people and other similar ethnic nationalities would be passed on to the next generation.
  • Strengthen faith in the Gospel
  • Encourage the Lawa Church ministries
  • Enhance the students daily lives by sharing in activities together
  • Share the love of Jesus throughout our communities


The hostel which first began in a small bamboo and wooden facility to support 24 students, grew in 2007 with the construction of a two-story facility for 50 students with apartments for the house parents and pastor’s family including small building to take care of individuals or families in need of housing on their way to receive prosthesis or special medical care. To learn more please see “Where God Leads Never Give Up” (By: L. Allan Eubank)


Unfortunately, over time, the monsoon seasons eroded the facility roof and the students were living with leaky ceilings for several years until January 2024 when donors heard about the problem and joined together to help replace the roof and ceiling to include a new electrical system, lights, and fans.


An amazing Thai-Pao construction team joined together to repair the hostel and these two videos were created by the students to share their story and to say thank you to all who have contributed to enhance their lives through support of their hostel.

Please enjoy the two videos from the Lawa-Wa Hostel


To support this hostel please donate through and designate Lawa-Wa ministries.


Thank you and God bless you,


Thai Christian Foundation USA and Pan Rak Foundation Thailand Team

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.
Thanks and blessings,