Dear friends

April 2024 ministry update from Thailand

Dear wonderful supporters and partners,
Allan and Joan Eubank send their love from the Cha-am Christian Mission Cottages as we highlight two areas of ministry below.

This April we want to highlight:

·      Anusarnsunthorn School for the Deaf in Chiang Mai
·      Pan Rak Education support program
·      New TCF and Pan Rak giving platform: TrustbridgeGlogalInternational Generosity Foundation

God bless you,

Allan and Joan Eubank &
The Thai Christian Foundation and Pan Rak Team

Anusarnsunthorn School for the Deaf:

Allan and Joan Eubank have helped this school since its founding in 1975 with 12 students. Today the school serves about 206 students, with 68 teachers and 17 staff. The Pan Rak foundation remains engaged in helping find ways to support the board, staff and students at the Deaf school and here are some recent photos share:

Pan Rak Education Support Program:

In Thailand, many young people from the border areas, do not have enough support to continue their education and fulfill their hopes and dreams.

The Pan Rak Student Education Program seeks to encourage these young people to learn, grow, fulfill their dreams, and give back within their communities. 

Siritra is one of these students and recently graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing.
Hope you enjoy her video message below.